Aggressive Driving – Martin Nerber (Chair)
To coordinate and implement effective, multi-agency enforcement and educational efforts, such as Operation Eagle Eye, Operation Safe Stop, and policing the Syracuse Nationals event, in order to deter acts of road rage and anger behind the wheel.

Recognition Committee – Linda McKinnon (Chair)
To plan and execute an annual awards event. This Committee is also responsible for sustaining active OCSTAB members and stakeholders through rewarding them publicly for their commitment to the organization via standing awards and certificates of appreciate.

By-Laws Committee – Alex Walsh (Chair)
Propose modifications or amendments to the OCTSAB Constitution.

Grants Committee – Alex Walsh (Chair)
To receive, consider, evaluate and make recommendations regarding all grant proposals that are submitted for review and/or action by the Board.

Lights-On Committee– Stephen Erwin (Chair)

To organize the annual Lights On Caravan event which takes place the Saturday before Thanksgiving each November to remind drivers of the dangers of impaired driving.

Nominating Committee – Tim Coley (Chair)
To recommend potential new members for appointment by the Onondaga County Executive.

Teen Driver Issues – James Snell (Chair)
To address the issues of drivers between the ages of 16-24 years old. Work in conjunction
with NYS DMV Office of Younger Driver.

Communications – Jon Seeber (Chair)
To advance traffic safety initiatives through public relations events and social media.