The Onondaga County Car Seat Program is sponsored by Catholic Charities of Onondaga County

The Car Seat Program Offers:
Free car seats (call for income eligibility requirements)
New York State requires that every child under eight (8) years of age be in a federally approved child safety seat while riding in a car. All occupants must be buckled when riding in either the front or back seat of any passenger vehicle.

Please check:
• Is the vehicle seat belt through the child safety seat in the proper place?
• Is the child safety seat in the car tight without moving over an inch?
• Are all the harness straps being used to hold the child in the safety seat?
• Are all children under 12 years old riding in the backseat?
Infants should face backwards in their car seat until at least two years old or until they out grow the seat height and weight requirements.

Recall Information:
Auto Safety Hotline

Information on Child Safety Seats:

Free seat checks locations in Onondaga County:

Baldwinsville Police
Child Care Solutions
Manlius Police
N.Syracuse Police
Camillus Police
Fayettville Fire
NY State Police
No. Syr. 315-455-2826
Liverpool Police
315-457-0722 ext 2
NY State Police
Lafayette 315-677-3124
Syracuse Police

Fines of up to $100.00 and 3 points on the driver’s license per child for not buckling a child in a safety seat or seat belt. Proper use of child safety seats is a must to reduce injuries and save livesSafety is a Snap,
It is also the Law!

Located at:
1654 W. Onondaga Street, Syracuse, NY 13204
Call for an appointment: 315-424-1800
Free parking behind the building